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Chesapeake Health Insurance

Virginia has a slightly above average cost of health care, but it's overall quality and performance of health care is lower than average. The cost for single premium health plans through employers is about $752 on average; the national average is $723. The average for employer contributions in Virginia is $2,982 and the national average is $3,268. When it comes to paying for the total prices of family health plan premiums, Virginia employers pay about 26% compared to the national average of 24%. An approximate $36 billion is spent on health care annually.

Chesapeake Health Insurance Plans

Are you and your family new to Virginia? There are various options to choose from and many insurance companies to go with; including Aetna, Kaiser and Blue Cross. Changing your health plan after a big move may seem a little distressing, but it shouldn't take you too long. First, see if your employer offers health insurance that you're eligible for. Although employers in Virginia aren't required to give you a health plan, they are not allowed to withhold coverage from you due to discrimination.

Consider getting the COBRA option; this will give you and the dependents on your plan extended coverage for a short time period. If you didn't have a plan before, you could look into purchasing a short-term health plan. You can buy these in terms between one and 12 months.

Some employers that offer an HMO, Health Maintenance Organization, plan may require you to wait out an affiliation period, so a short-term plan may suffice until your coverage begins.

Check around the state to see which health insurance providers are available. If you aren't eligible for a group health plan, consider getting a policy with a private insurer.

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